About Us

What’s a Sewcialist?

ChatGPT says a “sewcialist” is a person who enjoys sewing and is passionate about sewing as a craft, hobby, or lifestyle. It also says the term has gained popularity in recent years as more people have taken up sewing as a hobby and have found online communities to connect with others who share their interest.

  • Sewing is an art form
  • Sewing can be social
  • Sewing can be used for good
  • Sewing is a means of self-expression
  • A Sewcialist uses sewing for some or all of the above

What’s this site?

A bad pun with social sewing goodies. And I thought I was being creative, but I wasn’t the only one. This site has no affiliation to The Sewcialists, but I love their movement.

Where else can we find you?

I have more questions!!

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